Aesthetic & Anti Aging Medical Treatments

Anti-Aging Medical Skin-Care Consultant for Face and Body

We analyze your skin type according to your lifestyle and the products you use on your skin daily. We will then recommend a balanced diet plan and Anti-Aging treatment that best suits your lifestyle and custom designed for the proper care of you skin and body.We require for the patient to bring all of the products being used at home or their names. The Amount of $70 will be applied towards the initial treatment or package selected within a month of the consultation.

For 15 min Price $72

Aesthetic Dermatology Service

Botox, Restilane, Juvederm, Laser hair removal, fractional CO2, Sculptra, Laser-Radiofrequency.

A previous consultation is needed to determine what will be the best treatment for you. Prices will vary depending on the service.

All of our procedures are provided by: Dr. Alejandro Pedrozo MD


Biobell Delux Facial

Unique custom Anti-Aging Facial and Neck recipe.

Medical and oriental skin evaluation. Sample products and skin vitamins.

For 1 hr 30 min Price $260

Medical Grade Anti-Aging Facial and Neck Treatment

Designed for your skin type and needs.Deep pore cleansing , We create our own formulas.Combats the signs of Aging.

For 1 hr 20min Price $170

LED Anti-Aging Facial with Stem Cell

For Longer-Lasting Youthful fresh appearance, with Pure plant Stem Cell and mask.

For 1 hr Price $180

Package of 10 Price $1.300

MesoTherapy HydraLift Treatment for face and Neck

Without needles. Smooth Skin Anti-Aging treatment.

For 50 min Price $130

Package of 10 Price $1000

Chemical Peeling and Organic Peeling

Individual session Price $200

Package of 6 Price $1000

Anti Aging Hand Treatment

(Chemical Peeling Medical Grade)

Price $130

Facial Aesthetics

Biobell Delux Facial:

Unique custom Anti-Aging Facial and Neck recipe.Medical and oriental skin evaluation. Sample products and skin vitamins.

Price $ 260 (1 hr 30 min)

Medical Grade Anti-Aging Facial and Neck Treatment:

Designed for your skin type and needs.Deep pore cleansing , We create our own formulas.Combats the signs of Aging.

(1 hr 20min) Price $170

Green Organic Spa Facial: (Antioxidant)

Combats the signs of aging and improves skin tone.

Price $130

Red Carpet Facial

This treatment is designed to provide a smooth and glowing complexion.

Just perfect before any event…………………….

Price (40 minutes) $101

Refresh Express Facial

(30 minutes will “ wake up” your skin). Improves skin tone

Price $72

Well- Being Pregnancy Facial

(1 hour) Relax and Renew

Price $125

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) Rejuvenation Facial

Based on the 5 elements- Organic treatments- Acupuncture

Price $140

Oxygen Treatment Facial (Echo2)

Features pure oxygen along with 87 different vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. (Ideal before and after faceLift with LDT )

Price $120

Men’s Business Facial

Anti-Aging Medical Grade.Improves skin tone. Relax and Renew.

Price $150

Teen Facial Medical Grade

Deep pore cleansing facial.

Price $110


Acupunture Treatment

First Visit Price $ 130

Follow up Price $ 100

Cupping Treatment

Price $100

Acugraph 3 “ Digital Meridian Imaging”

Your essential program for acupuncture health. This system is computerized tool used to analyze and document the energetic status of the Acupuncture Meridian.

Price $ 85

Weight Loss Management with AuriculoTherapy

Using acupuncture pressure points of the ear. It helps in the weight loss plan in combination with a balance diet and an exercise routine.

First Visit Price $ 120

Weekly visits Price $ 35


Well-Being Swedish Massage (60 min) 

Price $95

Deep Tissue Massage

Price $130

Deluxe Reflexology (Gehwolmed German products (45 min) 

Price $95

Well-Being Pregnancy Massage  

Price $120

Relaxing Ritual Massage (Life Force Energy) 

Price $130

Lymphatic drainage (Pre and Post Plastic Surgery / Liposuction)  

Price $80 and up

With or whit-out ultrasound  (Staff certified with more than 20 years of experience. Treatment number 1 recommended by by plastic surgeons in Miami.) (Consultation required to determinate final price and package).

Back Treatment

(Combination with Western and Oriental Medicine)
Price $101

Pain Management

(Using our own manual techniques and our expertise.)
First Visit  Price $120

Biobell Oriental MedSpa Terms

Biobell Oriental MedSpa Terms

• Please arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before your treatment.

• A 12 hour notice of cancellation is required if unable to make your appointment.

• A 30% fee will be charge to those who fail to cancel the scheduled appointment.

• Please we do not have the facilities to accommodate children under the age 12.

• No pets allowed. • All credit car accepted.

• Gratuity is not included in your service and we leave this to your discretion.

• Ask about our VIP Membership and Referral Program.